Father and Guns 2

Format : DVD, Blu Ray
Genre : Action & Adventure
Rating : N/A
Studio : eOne Films
Cast : Michel Côté, Louis-José Houde, Karine Vanasse

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Box Office : $7 Million
Run Time : 90 mins
Product UPC : 774212005565


A few years after having infiltrated a therapy program for fathers and sons, Commander Jacques Laroche and his son Marc's relationship went from very tense to extremely heated. Both policemen are facing personal and professional problems. While Marc is having some issues with his girlfriend Alice, an aspiring Commander, Jacques is experiencing intense denial towards the fact that he is growing older. On the professional side, the Laroches unsuccessfully tried to befriend Martin Germain, the lieutenant of the Mafia's leader. An incredible opportunity arises when Germain and his spouse sign up for "Bootcamp for couples", a therapy for couples set in a closed environment in the countryside. As Marc and Alice sing up for the therapy, Jacques invites himself in by pretending to be the Psychologist's assistant. However, the Laroches can't help complicate the mission: Marc is trying to simultaneously get closer to Martin Germain while saving his relationship with Alice, and Jacques is falling for the criminal's spouse.

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