Battle Of The Sexes

Format : DVD
Genre : Drama
Rating : PG
Studio : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Cast : Emma Stone Steve Carrell Andrea Risebourough Sarah Silverman Bill Pullman

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Box Office : $15 Million
Run Time : 121 mins
Product UPC : 024543330332


Emma Stone and Steve Carell bring their A game to this crowd-pleaser based on the electrifying true story of the 1973 tennis match between women's champion Billie Jean King (Stone) and former men's champ Bobby Riggs (Carell). As fierce rivals on opposite sides of the court and the gender equality issue, Billie Jean and Bobby served up a cultural spectacle that resonated far beyond the sporting world. Filled with heart, humor and biting wit, Battle of the Sexes is a triumphant celebration of the historic contest that changed the game! 

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